Who is Ruby Money built for?
How does Ruby Money protect my data?
Can I use my existing bank and brokerage accounts?  
Where does Ruby Money store my tax and retirement funds? 
How much does Ruby Money cost?
Do I need a bank account to use Ruby Money?
What if I don't estimate annual income and expenses accurately?
Why do I set my tax and retirement withholding rules as percentages?
How does Ruby Money estimate my taxes? 
How do you estimate how much I can contribute to retirement?
What if I have deposits that are not taxable income ?
What types of tax payments can be made in the app? 
When are estimated taxes due? 
How do I pay my taxes in the app?
How much should I pay?
What should I do if I paid the wrong amount?
How will I know my tax payment was processed?
How are payments posted to my IRS and state account?