Taxes don't need to be taxing.

Ruby Money makes it easy for solopreneurs to pay taxes, set aside money, and find ways to save.

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Evelyn Huang

Co-Founder of Ruby Money

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Free Masterclass: April 28 @ 11:00am PT / 2:00am ET

Did you take the "fingers crossed" approach to taxes on April 18? Join Ruby Money co-founder Evelyn Huang for a 1 hour masterclass to learn everything you need to know about self-employed taxes.

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It takes 5 minutes to set up, easy and intuitive.

It's a great way to start the year by investing in a system to keep me honest and eliminate all stress/mental math of figuring out taxes.”
Sammi, Marketer and Strategist

Everything I need and nothing I don't

As a freelancer, I am always looking for ways to streamline my business. Ruby Money helps me set aside the right amount of money each month without having to think about it.”
Kaitlin, Strategy Consultant

Tax savings at the push 
of a button

This was incredibly helpful for someone like me who has blended income and needed techniques to pay myself first and find some new tax savings! So great!”
Parker, Coach

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You can lower your taxes by $4,922 this year by contributing $12,929 to a tax-free retirement account.


Maximum 2021 SEP-IRA contribution


Estimated 2021 tax savings

Ruby Money automates taxes and helps freelancers save for the future.

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Who’s behind Ruby Money

After spending 10+ years working in executive roles in financial services and consumer software, Ruby Money’s founders entered the world of freelance consulting. While they loved the freedom, flexibility and independence, they dreaded managing their own finances.

They quickly realized they were not alone. So they decided to do something about it.
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How it works

Get a personalized tax plan
Determine how much you should set aside for taxes based on your profile.
Automate withholdings each time you get paid
Make sure you have enough set aside for taxes and retirement.
Pay your taxes in the app
No vouchers, checks, or messy government websites
Keep on top of your business
View personalized insights about your business.

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What is Ruby Money?
Who is Ruby Money built for?
Who is behind Ruby Money?
Is Ruby Money a bank?
I already have an accountant.  Why should I still use Ruby Money?
I already have a bank and/or retirement account.  What makes Ruby Money different?
Where does my money go when I use Ruby Money?
How can I withdraw money from Ruby Money?
How much does Ruby Money cost?
Is Ruby Money FDIC insured, and are my funds secure? 
How do you protect my data?
What is Plaid? 
What should I do if I don’t recognize a transaction in my Ruby Money account?
Do I need a business bank account to use Ruby Money?
Why do you need to link to my business bank account?
What if I don't estimate annual income and expenses accurately?
Why do I set my tax and retirement withholding rules as percentages?
How do you determine how much I need to withhold in taxes? 
How do you determine how much I can set aside for retirement?
What should I do if Ruby Money is setting aside money from non-income deposits?
How do I share this with my accountant and financial advisor?
Why was I denied?
What types of tax payments can be made? 
When is my tax payment due? 
What funds can I use to pay my taxes?
Do I have to pay the full balance due on my taxes?
What should I do if I paid the wrong amount?
Is there a fee for this service?  
Will I see proof that my payment was processed?
How are payments posted to my IRS account? 
Do I need to send anything else to the government once my payment is complete?
Can I cancel a payment once it is completed?

Safe, secure, and trusted

FDIC insured
Your funds are FDIC insured up to $250,000 through our partner bank.
Built for the Business-of-One
We’ve worked with designers, marketers, developers, writers, photographers, and coaches.  We’re built for you.