Taxes, handled
for solopreneurs

Ruby Money detects what’s income, what's a write-off,
and pays your taxes for you.

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No accountant needed

Everything you wish an accountant would do for you (but doesn’t because it’s too time-consuming) automatically, around the clock.

Smart bookkeeping

Keep your business expenses separated, keep an eye on your profit, and generate real financial reports. Yes, yours is a real business now.

Automatic write-off

Scan your transactions for eligible tax write-offs. Find deductions and be prepared for tax season before it arrives.

Pay $3,300/yr less in taxes on average.

Quarterly taxes paid.

Set aside taxes each time you get paid and make quarterly payments. Never get a surprise tax bill again.

Tax filing without the scramble.

At the end year download your tax ready reports, and file your taxes with confidence. No last minute scrambling.

I love that I no longer have to worry about how much or how to pay quarterly taxes and I am now tucking away money for my retirement. If you’re a solopreneur, Ruby Money is a no-brainer!

— Tiffany Napper

Business Coach, Owner

This was my first year sending in quarterly tax estimates to the IRS and I tested all the most common ways to send in the payments. At first, I wasn’t sure that anything could beat Quickbooks, but the Ruby Money team really knows what solopreneurs need! With the app, I pay the right tax amount each quarter—without having to deal with the complicated IRS website.”

— John Ragon

SEO Consultant

Ruby Money took only 5 minutes to set up! It was great to start the year by investing in a system to eliminate all the stress/mental math of figuring out taxes. I can't put a price on that, it's so so valuable!

— Sammi Dittloff

Fractional CMO

I am a family therapist and recently started getting paid 1099. First thing that came to mind was, "I am absolutely not competent enough to do my own taxes".  Ruby Money has been an absolutely gem. They handle all the taxes and write-offs for me automatically.  My advisor Angie is so helpful and knowledgeable.

— Merry Alijoski

Marriage and Family Therapist

Ruby Money was exactly the app I was looking for as a solopreneur and I stumbled on it right on time!  I don't have to worry about quarterly taxes, write-offs, and saving for retirement. I was honestly able to take that stress off my mind to focus on my business and it's been great.

— Manali Hanamsagar

Growth leader

This is a fantastic app! As an independent freelancer there’s not a lot that’s created just for us. Ruby Money is!! It’s helped me immensely in getting a grip on my taxes and save for retirement. Last year,  I lowered by taxes by over $12,000 by using this app to maximize my deductions.

— Holly Chasan Young

Design Strategist

Put taxes on

Track income, find write-offs and stay on top of your taxes.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Ruby Money built for?

Ruby Money is built for side hustlers, sole proprietors, and single member LLCs service providers. Our clients are marketers, designers, writers, photographers, lawyers, therapists and life coaches to name a few.

How does Ruby Money protect my data?

Your privacy and security are a priority to us. We follow industry-standard 256 bit SSL encryption and partner with industry leaders such as Plaid to secure your financial information. You can read our full Privacy Policy here.

How does Ruby Money help me save money?

Ruby Moneys helps you avoid costly IRS penalties by ensuring you make on-time accurate quarterly tax payments.  In addition our smart book keeping system helps you identify and track eligible write-offs like business expenses, SEP-IRA contributions and more.

How much does Ruby Money cost?

Ruby Money is free to get started. We offer a subscription for access to premium features such as tax payments and 1:1 tax support.