The rise of the Solopreneur has begun

“Ruby Money was built for the mavericks. Those who dare to take the leap out of the 9-5 world to build a career on their own terms.”

Angie Moody

Ruby Money Founder and CEO

...who herself took the leap out from 15+ years of the 9-5 world at Capital One, Visa, and Instagram

70 million Americans earned income outside of traditional employment last year. Over 69% of those who started working for themselves, report that they expect to continue in the longer term. What a cause to celebrate!

Not every system was built to support this type of entrepreneurial bug, though. Today’s tax and accounting software was mostly built for large companies with a staff of accountants. That’s why, at Ruby Money, we’re building a new modern accounting solution, with you at the center.

Ruby Money recognizes that modern workers are have multiple streams, are always on the go, and don't get paid every two weeks. We also know that taxes can be confusing, overwhelming, and downright tedious.

We’ve built a platform that takes the burden of thinking about taxes off your plate, so you can focus on what you do best.

While building powerful digital tools is great, it’s not enough. We also firmly believe that understanding how taxes work is core to building a thriving independent business. We’re pretty sure that everyone missed the Tax 101 class in college, if it was even on the roster. We have curated an extensive library full of guides, calculators, and videos to demystify everything you need to know to start and keep running a thriving solo business, all for you.

Ruby Money is backed by a pretty fintech savvy group of investors including Clocktower Technology Partners, Leadout Capital, J4 Ventures, Anne Raimondi (COO of Asana), Mark Jamison (SVP of Visa), Rama Katkar (CFO of Notion) and many others who believe in our vision to support this new generation of mavericks.