The rise of the Solopreneur has begun

Solopreneurs around the world are starting and growing businesses to do what they love on their own terms. In 2019, I was one of them. After 15 years in climbing the executive ranks at some of the top companies in the word such as Instagram, Microsoft and Visa, I left and started my own consulting business. Within a few months, I had clients I loved, I was doing impactful work and I was spending more time in nature & with my family.  The freedom and flexibility that working for myself provided was liberating, but I had not fully internalized that I was now a Solopreneur- running a business-of-one. I had no cashflow strategy, I had no retirement plan. When it came time to file  taxes, I was unprepared and paid $12,000 more in taxes than I should have.  I  was  ashamed and infuriated by this. When I realized I wasn’t alone, I knew I had to do something about it. 

In January 2022, Ruby Money was launched. Our flagship mobile app simplifies taxes, retirement and makes it easier to pay yourself first. We've also created a suites of calculators, guides and resources to share what we've learned about running a thriving & sustainable solo business.

We are backed by an amazing set of investors such as Clocktower Technology Partners, Lead out Capital, J4 Ventures, Anne Raimondi (COO of Asana), Mark Jamison (SVP, Visa), Rama Katkar (CFO Notion) and many others who believe in our Mission to make solopreneurship sustainable.

Keep Thriving,

Angie Moody

Angie is the founder and CEO of Ruby Money. She previously held leadership roles at Instagram, Capital One and Visa and has her MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.