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What Are the Different Types of Business Structures Available for Solopreneurs?

Breaking down the options for business entities for solopreneurs.
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3 tips for handling Self-Employed Taxes

Stop the fingers-crossed, nail-biting approach to taxes. Here's a 3 step guide to staying ahead of the taxes: 1) How to Estimate your Quarterly Taxes, 2) Setting Aside Money every time you're paid, and 3) How to Actually Pay the Government
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How to Pay Quarterly Taxes

Understand how to pay quarterly taxes as a freelancer, the penalty for not paying taxes quarterly, and how to get rid of that quarterly tax voucher
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A Solopreneur’s Guide to Self-Employed Tax Filing (2023)

A Solopreneur's Guide to Filing Taxes with Freelance Income
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Freelancer Tax Deductions

Tax deductions are not just a way to survive tax season; they're an essential tool to optimize your business finances. From basic home office expenses to advanced plays like professional development, these deductions put money back where it belongs—in your pocket.
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5 Tax Changes Solopreneurs Need to Know in 2023

Every year, the IRS makes adjustments and changes to tax rules and filing processes that can affect solopreneurs. Here’s our list of the big-picture updates that apply to the tax year 2022 you need to know about in order to accurately file your taxes in April 2023.

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